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My Story

I'm Helen, a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner.


My aim is to give you the highest level of knowledge through natural medicine, to use in your daily routine to give you the energy and vitality needed to live the best version of yourself.

How Can I Help You

Are you overwhelmed and about to accept your health misfortune?

Would you like help with getting to the underlying root cause of your health issues & finally get well?

I have helped many people in practice with weight loss/ maintain and gain, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, gain energy, skin and gut improvements.


Suppressing chronic health issues with medication only makes symptoms in the short term, the issue is still there  


Book a 1:1 consultation today to take a deep dive into your health history. You will be in my hands for a total of 3 months with not a stone left unturned.


I will give you personalised advice & recommendations on your specific symptoms through lifestyle, nutrition, detoxification, protocols and lab testing.


It comes down to bio individuality, not one person is the same, and this is how we get people well.


Integrative background in:



Functional Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eastern Philosophy


Bioregulatory Medicine

This is an online service with a 1-1 therapist. If you would like to book please click the button below. 

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