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Recovering Legs Massage 45 minutes

  • 45 دقائق
  • 40 British pounds
  • Northumberland Crescent, Old Trafford |Old Bank Street

Once booked both addresses will be sent via email.

OPENING HOURS: MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE - Monday: 2 pm-8:30 pm (only) | OLD TRAFFORD Tuesday's - Sunday's (Free Parking Available) (Unable to create a second address on website, please contact me to find out more information for the Trafford Location) Times are available when you click ' Book Now' Please contact via. phone through text or call- leave a voicemail if you would like to know more. --------------------------- This treatment is perfect for runners or for people who have regular strain on their legs and hip flexors. It is basically a sports massage that include hip, thigh, and calf stretches. I enjoy this treatment and personally think it has an incredible effect on the legs if your very tight. Unaligned hips are very common and I can advise you which hip works more than the other and what to do at home for further improvement.

سياسة الإلغاء

Consultations can be rearranged free of charge 24 hours before the service. No refunds for cancellations during the program.

City Center-Monday only/Old Trafford(Free Parking)

  • Northumberland Crescent, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester, UK


  • NU.U THERAPY MASSAGE, Old Bank Street, Manchester, UK


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