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Lymphatic Aroma Massage 30 minutes

Lymphatic drainage massage with aroma therapeutic oils

Book in & all information will be sent via email.

OPENING HOURS: MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE - Monday: 2 pm-8:30 pm (only) | OLD TRAFFORD Tuesday's - Sunday's (Free Parking Available) --------------------------------------------- It is just like a Swedish body massage with slow movements that make you merge into a heaven state. Apart from providing a pleasant smell, aromatherapy oils can provide respiratory disinfection, decongestant, and psychological benefits. Here are some reasons to book this treatment: Antimicrobial effects, preservative effects, anti-stress effects, antidepressant effects, anti-inflammatory effects, relaxation effects, and immune-enhancing effects, and rejuvenating skin cells. I will make you a personal blend that suits your preferred smell and areas of focus. Advice- Leave the oils for 2 hours or more on the skin before washing to redeem full benefits.

Please Cancel / Re-arrange 24 hours prior to booking to avoid a fee. Thanks

Consultations can be rearranged free of charge 24 hours before the service. No refunds for cancellations during the program. Deposits are non- refundable and cancellation before 24 hours or a full payment of the price of the treatment will be made before booking again.

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