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Sense Your Psyche

90 minutes: Aromatherapy body massage- 45 minutes, Sound Healing- 15 minutes, and Reiki- 30 minutes

Book in & all information will be sent via email.

OPENING HOURS: MANCHESTER CITY CENTRE - Monday: 2 pm-8:30 pm (only) | OLD TRAFFORD Tuesday's - Sunday's (Free Parking Available) Times are available when you click ' Book Now' Please contact via. phone through text or call- leave a voicemail if you would like to know more. --------------------------- This will be a very powerful session to dig deep into your psyche. This treatment will help you connect deeper to your senses through sound, touch, smell and energy channelling to awaken your body naturally. Allowing your body to feel what it needs through a multi sensory experience. This treatment is best for people who want to realise tension that is held in mind, body and soul and help you reconnect to yourself. #body-recovery #trauma-release #vibration-healing #awaken-naturally #listen-mindfully.

Please Cancel / Re-arrange 24 hours prior to booking to avoid a fee. Thanks

Consultations can be rearranged free of charge 24 hours before the service. No refunds for cancellations during the program. Deposits are non- refundable and cancellation before 24 hours or a full payment of the price of the treatment will be made before booking again.

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